How to Remove Logo From Video with Formatfactory

Remove Logo from Video

Sometimes we need to collect stock footage from Online to edit in our project . But we can’t replace the logo with Transparent Logo (.png) format photo because the video already have a logo in the Video . sometimes we replace with a JPG format logo to hide the Previous Logo . Need Solution ? Need to remove Logo from video ? so you are on to the right place . today i am going to show how can you remove logo from any Video easily just with a Single Windows media converter software called FormatFactory . take a look to the picture.

How to Remove Logo From Video with Formatfactory

How to Remove Logo from Video

At First you have to download Format Factory Software from Google Searh . It’s a  Freeware,i mean it’s a Completly free sotware and there are no hidden charge . Download Format factory Media Converter Software, install & Open the software . follow bellow  screenshot step by step and also Follow WikiBD for more Tips & Tricks.

Step 1 :

From the Left Side Click Logo Delogo Option . it will open a new popup window .

Step 2 :

Select the target video you want to remove logo from video  .

Step 3 :

Drag and Drop the Yellow box on the Logo . it’s so simple .

Step 4 :

After Step 3 Click on Ok Button at the bottom . do exactly the same as the screenshow shown .

Step 5 :

Then again click Ok button from the bottom-right .

Step 6 :

The last & finishing step is click start button, follow the screenshot . the software will start removing logo from the video . you can open the video from output folder . if you want to save the video to another locationof your computer such as Desktop . you have to make some changes before start the step 6 . at the bottom you find the option called output setting . you can change the target location from here then press on start button and the video will be found in your selected location .

Why we need to remove logo from Video ?

when we make some documentary, to explain the script we need to use some similar or relavent stock footage colleted from online . many of footage have a copyrighted logo or watermark .we can use those video educational purpuse only,not forcommercial use . it will go under Fair Use law . then we need to remove logo from video for standrd video quality .


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