To Be a Successful Digital Marketer, you have to know about basic of Marketing

Freelanching Carear is nowdays a popular profession for young . Digital Marketing also a good subject or niche for beginner . Every brand or company needs marketing, at a time Traditional Marketing was so much popular,but in present days digital marketing is most popular for every brands .  Brands create some digital content and promote those content with different website to reach more and more targeted audience . Digital Marketing is cheap and more effective than Traditional Marketing .

What is Digital Marketing ?

Digital Marketing is the best way of promoting your brand . in this Digital World you can reach to billion of peoples just with a second . just you have to know the right way of of digital marketing . you can do digital marketing with many differnts digital platforms like as Social Media .

To Be a Successful Digital Marketer, you have to know about basic of Marketing

Table of Content :

  • SMS Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Social Media Marketing

SMS Marketing :

you can reach directly to your customer moblile phone with SMS Marketing . if you have a lot of your customer mobile phone number database, then you can write a custom message and send this message to all of your customer . you can do it with some online tools or compter software. There are two types of SMS marketing Non-Masking SMS and Masking SMS . Non Masking SMS charge are cheap than masking sms . Basically non masking sms service can’t promote your brand because when you send a sms to customer using non masking sms servic, customer will show a random of fixed phone number as sender ID . On the other hand Masking SMS Service can promote your brand because when you send message someone using Masking SMS service, customer will show your brand name as sender id . you can send message to million of people within a second . In this present world SMS Markeing is the most popular way in digital marketing industry .

Email Marketing :

In this 2022, 90 percent people using digital technology . Email is known to all internet user’s . mostly every smartphone user has a gmail account . Gmail is a email service provider that controlled by Google . sometimes we show some offer or suggest type email in our inbox . when we enter our email adress to any of our favorite website, they stored our email adress and send their new updates to our mailbox (email inbox) . you ever thought how they do that ? at first they make a email templete carefully with some video,audio,image,text and links . they make a proper promotional ad email then send the email to their all user email inbox within a second via online email marketing tools . this process is so easy, you will find too many tutorials about email marketing . Email marketing is a big part of Digital Marketing .

Social Media Marketing :

98 percent online user are adicted to social media like as Facebook, Twitter, Instragram, Whatsapp, Linkedin, Telegram . The most popular social media website is Facebook . so every brand search their customer to this social media and they allow or support brand to grow with facebook audience . Brand can create page on facebook with their logo and information . You can also sell products on facebook , they recently supports who want to sell their service or products on online . if you are a digital content crteator or you can make videos so you can earn money by uploading your content on facebook . people find everything on facebook like as brand promote, communation, share memories, entertainment everything that’s why people like facebook very much . you can run advertise on facebook for that you have to pay to facebook authority . you can reach with billion of peoples by facebook advertising just with some minutes . if you can’t understand how to run advertise on facebook, you can watch tutorials on YouTube about “How to Run Advertise on Facebook” .

To Be a Successful Digital Marketer, you have to know about basic of Marketing

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) :

Search engine stoed all website data .When you seach a keyword try to find some informatipn google or bing (Search Engine) will collect your information and a web link suggest to you .SEO is the method by which the page of your website is positioned at the first stage in Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines by searching on the basis of a specific keyword. But now most of the online markets do SEO by targeting the Google search engine for some amazing algorithms of Google search results. Because Google is currently the most searched. In simple terms, Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a technical strategy to bring your website to the first page of search engines through search engine optimization .

In simple words, search engine is to find something specific through the internet keyboard, where we get a specific answer or information if we search by writing something. For example, we search for anything in Google. By visiting every page of your website, Google search engine robots save all types of database in their database and later when the search engine is searched, the results from the indexed data come in front of us. The more SEO friendly your website is, the more likely it is to rank higher in search results. When a person searches through a specific keyword in a search engine, the first and foremost reason that the results come up is because the quality of the website content is very well organized and above all, it is SEO friendly. To get ranked on the first page on Google we have to write unique and SEO friendly article . There are different types of SEO . You can share your content on social media, it will organically grow your website visitor . you can also earn from your website by Placing Google AdSense ad code . to earn from adsense you need to write qualitiful an unique content or article . they maintain lot’s of policy . to ean more you need to grow your websit, increase your website visitor . to get more visitor you need to rank your content on Google first search result page . so we need to do better seo for our content . if you want ot know more details about how to do SEO for your website . you can search video tutorials from youtube .

To be a successful digital marketer you have to learn more and more  . Thank you for Reading my article dear . stay with WikiD

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