Top 11 Most Common English Short Stories

Robert Bruce

Robert Bruce was a famous king of Scotland. Enemies invaded his kingdom. The king fought bravely but lost the battle. He had to flee from his kingdom to save his life. He tool shelter in a remote cave. Once he was lying in the cave. Then he saw a spider trying hard to reach the ceiling of the cave. The spider failed again and again to succeed. But it did not give up hope. Bruce saw the spider climbing to the ceiling after some unsuccessful attempts.

An old famer was very happy with his five animals. Once he had been sick for several mouths. He engaged a servant a took after the animals. The farmers young son Ali would often help the servant. A wild bull did not like him because once he annoyed the bull. The bull was so annoyed that whenever it saw Ali, it tried to attack him with the horns. So the bull was kept in chains. Once the bull was very frightened by a terrible thunder storm. Ali came forward to rescue the bull. The bull became very grateful to Ali.

A country mouse lived in a field of barely. HE made a nest and hung if upon to stalks mouse. The nest was very small and very light. A mouse from the town came to see that country mouse. His home was in a big house in the town. The country mouse gave the town mouse dinner in the barley field. He brought out the very best barley and roots for the meals. The town mouse was very quickly

Buddha and an old women

One day, “I have lost my husband” A poor women once came to Buddha. The sorrowful mother went from door seeking the mustard  seeds bit at every door she meet with sad replied. She returned with heavy heart to the great teacher and told him the result of her great search. He told her that there was only one medicine which could revive her son. Another said our youngest child died last year. Then buddha told her affectionately that she must not think much of her own grief since sorrow and death are common to all. The holly man was touched by the great sorrow of the women. She asked him whether he could her give her any medicine to restore her death child to life. He told her to bring a handful of mustard seeds from a house where death had never entered.

A competition

A date was fixed for the competition. They were all taken before the king.  It was nearly to a close of the competition. He told that a king was a worthless person. Asking declared a rice prize for the teller of biggest lie. Applicants were enlisted serially for the competition. They failed to win the mind of the king. He was allowed to play his role. A newcomer prayed for a chance to try. They tried their best to tell the biggest lies.

Lui Pasteure

he found a mad dog and injected some germs of its diseases into blood. Other doctors begun to study his work. Pasteur was a French scientist. One day a boy named Joseph Mister was brought to Pasteur. The dog was cured. the news of Pasteur success spread all over the world. The boy was bitten by a mad dog. He discovered that many diseases were caused by germs and he also found cures for several of them. Pasteur gave him some injections and the boy did not dog disease. At first, he only treated animals because he did not want to cause the death of any human being.

To fine an honest tax collector

A number of people applied for the job. He wanted to applied an honest man as his tax collector. Then he found desired man. Once there lived a Sultan in a country. They come through a passage where gold coins were kept. The applicants were asked to meet the Sultan one by one. Then he invited applications. All the applications were blushed and refused expect one. So he asked for the wise counsellors advice. When they all arrived, the Sultan asked them to dance.

Six blind man

They all stopped and listened carefully. So very slowly and carefully they approached the sound. What’s that’? one of them asked. One day they were walking through the dark Indian forest when they heard  a sound. I don’t think it’s dangerous and we might learn something new. But unfortunately all of them were blind. lest go and find out another said. They were very keen to learn and never stopped searching for knowledge. They listened again. Once there lived six young men.

A beloved son

He was nine years old. They boy also loved and obeyed her very much. Long long ago, there lived a widow in a certain village of Bos tam. She loved him dearly. She had a son. One night the entire village was in deep  sleep. She told her son with dozing eyes to give her a glass of water. His beloved mother was also sleeping. All on a sudden, she wake up. The boy was awake and busy in studies.

Dividing the bread

At list they came to a monkey. Once they stole a piece of cake. They could not divide the cake equally. each time he put the unequal portions on the scale. The clever monkey made a plan to deprive them. He begun to weigh the cake. Thus he ate up the entire cake. He ate the extra portion of the cake to make it equal.

The grapes are sour

The box became tired. The grapes were ripe and looked very attractive. So, he jumped and jumped to reach grapes. The grapes were hanging high. As the fox  was very hungry, he was tempted by the branched of ripe grapes. Once hungry fox was searching for food in the forest. so he went away. But the grapes were too high for the fox to teach. Once in a very hot day a fox came to a vineyard where he saw some grapes.

The selfish giant

And with them came  the spring. they saw that the Giant not wicket any longer. the tree at once broke into blossom. The little boy stretched out his two arms. Flung them round the Giant’s neck and kissed him. Then the bird’s came and sang on it. The other children saw it. And the people passing by found the giant playing with the children in the most beautiful garden in the country. So they came running back. “It’s your garden now ,little children”, said the giant. Then he took a great axe and knocked the well down.

A poor Fisherman

Everyday he used to go fishing early in the morning. Once upon a time, there lived a fisherman who was old and poor. But he never threw his net into t5he sea more than four times. One morning, he threw his net into the sea as . He thought he had caught a Jarge fish and so he felt very happy. But a moment later. he saw that he had no fish rather only a dead donkey. He could barely support his wife and three children. then the fisherman became angry. He was very disappointed. He  had just repaired his net and he noticed that the weight of the dead donkey had broken it in several place.

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