Top 16 Popular English Short Stories

Jalaluddin Mohammad Akbar Story

Akbar was born in 1542 at Amarkot in Sindh. his Full Name Was Jalaluddin Mohammad Akbar. His Was the grandson of Babur. He had not much education. He ascended the throne of Delhi at the age of 13. He ruled over 50 years in India. He was skilled in warfare. He won the 2nd Panipath battle in 1556. It was the greatest victory in his life.

Hamelin Flute Story

A long time ago , the town of Hamelin in Germany was faced with a great problem. It become full of rats. The people of the town hall. they told the Mayor to do something to do about rats. The mayor called a meeting of the councillors . The Mayor and the councillors talked about the problem. But they could not fine a way out. At that moment , there was a knock at the door. The mayor said, “Come in” The stranger entered That hall.

Begger Story

Once there lived a beggar in a city. He could not earn much by beggar. So he thought how he could add to his income. One day an idea crossed of his mind. He thought that he would have more money if he pretended  to be dumb. So one day he painted the word dumb on a board. He hung it round  his neck. Another beggar also lived in the city. He was very jealous of him. He wanted to teach him a good lesson.

A Snake Short Story

A snake lived in a hole at the foot of a tree. High up on its branches was the nest nest of a crow. The crow had four young chicks in its nest. Whenever the crow would leave the nest to bring food for its chicks, the snack would climb up and eat  one. In his why the snake  ate up three of the chicks. The crow at last thought of a plan to get rid of its enemy. It stole an expensive necklace of the princess from the royal palace and dropped it into the snacks  hole after scattering a few rubies here and there. The king become a very angry at the loss and sent out men to look for the necklace. In course of time they noticed the scattered rubies near the hole. They dug the hole, killed  the snack and took the necklace.

Some Important things about Junk Food

Junk food is very popular to young boys  and girls. people eat it only for testy. But it is not good for human health. She food contains added chemicals. these make it teste soothing. If contains animal fat also. besides, it contains sugar also. It damages out teeth and skin. When take it, our bodes turn them into fatty tissue. But it is a matter of regret that food does not contains any vitamin or mineral salt.

A King’s Story

Once there was a king who was fond of  knowing his future from the astrologer. A good astrologer happened visit the capital of the king. The king called him to his palace. the astrologer told something very unpleasant. At this the king got furious and condemned him to dead. The king them asked, “how long would you live? With ready wit he said, The stars declare that ill die only a week before your death. I shall wait to receive your majesty where your have been sending me. At  this the king turned pale. Drive this wretch away and let him not come again shouted the king.

Sultan Story

Once there lived a sultan in a country. he wanted to appoint an honest man as his tax collector. So he asked for the wise counselor advice. According the invited applications. A number of people applied for the job. The applicants were asked to meet the sultan one by one. They came though a passage where gold coins were kept. When they arrived, the sultan asked them to dance. All the applicants blushed and refused to dance expert one. Then he found the desired man.

Macedonia King Alexandar Story

Alexander, the king of Macedonia, crossed the Khaiber pass and reached India. Than he came to the plain of the Punjab was ruled by a king named Porus. Porus came forward with his men and arms in order to defend his land from the attack pf Alexander. But unfortunately he was defeated an taken as a prisoner. He was bought before Alexander. Alexander asked him how he would like to be treated. Porus  bravely replied Like a king Alexander was pleased with porus for his bold reply. HE allowed him to rule his country as before and also made him king of another province.

Summry of Mount Everest

Mount Everest is the highest peak in the Himalayas. It is over 29,000 feet high. IT was named after George Everest, an Englishmen. Many people tried to conquer the mountain but could not. Many of them lost their lives. At list Hillary and Tenzing led an expedition. They set out on March 10,1953. After the two months of difficult climbing  they were  able to reach the top. They felt extremely happy when they stood there. Thus, went down in the history as the conquerors of Everest.

A Famous Teacher Short Story

Once a lad went to a famous teacher to greatest knowledge. he expressed his desire to acquire knowledge. He begged to instruct him in arts and science. The learned man wished to fine out the boy. He asked him where allah is. the lad replied that he would answer if he could tell where he is not al all. The sage thought highly of the boy who understood something. He praised him highly because of many reasons. He agreed to teach him. The boy devoted himself to acquiring knowledge.

A Queen Story

Once a queen was jealous of the beauty of her only stepdaughter named snow white. She ordered her huntsman to kill Snow white. But the huntsmen, instead of killing Snow white. Left her in the forest. While she was running in the forest out of fear , seven dwarfs found her. they took her to their house and brought her up. Once a price came by that forest. A soon as he saw her he  fell in love with her. He married her and took her to his kingdom. The queen heard that. She went to the prince palace to kill Snow White.

William Somerest Story

William somerest maugham is one  of the greatest short story writers of modern time. He was born in 1874 in Paris. He qualified as a doctor  but this life had charm for him. Soon he gave up medicine for Literature. He made his first appearance in novel. It is a realistic study  on the life of low neighbourhood in London. This brought for him good name. then he took to writing plays. He wrote a few other novels as well. Some of his well known plays are Mrs. Cardice Lady Frederick.

A fox Story

Once, a fox become very hungry . He Was searching for something to eat. He was passing through a jungle. He found no fowls around there. After a while, he came to a ripe  vineyard. The Fox was very much delighted. He thought of of satisfying his hunger with ripe grapes. The grapes were hanging up. The fox stood upon his back legs to catch them. He also made several attempt to eat the grapes.

Hazrat Omar’s Story

Hazrat Omar was the second Caliph of Islam. At night he used to walk alone in the streets of medina. His aim was to see the condition of the people with his own eyes. One night while he was walking he heard the sound of crying coming out from a hut. He went there. he found a woman and three children. he asked the woman why the children were crying. hearing this his heart was filled with pity. He went to the royal treasury and brought food for them.

Great Poet Kazi Nazrul Islam Story

Kazi Nazrul Islam Is our national poet. he was born in 1899 A.D. at Churulia in the district Burdwan. In his  early life Nazrul lost his father. For this he had to struggle hard against poverty. At the age of ten he was admitted to a local primary school. But he was not attentive to his studies. He did not obey the hard fast rules of the school. When he was twelve, he fled away from home and took a job in a bakers shop. At this time he drew the attention of a Muslim sub inspector of Police. He took Nazrul to his village home and got him admitted to a big school.

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