Top 5 Popular Stories and Essays Must Need for Students

Stories and Essays Must Need for Students

In this article we tried to write some unique & Popular Stories and Essays for High School Students . They need those essays for improve educational skills & get highest marks in exam .

The postman

In the past people used to live at home with their kith and kin. But with the advancement of civilization man now lives far from his families and relatives. So he has to remain anxious about news from near and dear ones. This demand has been met up thought the introduction of postal system. Thus, the service of the postman comes into being. The postman is employed by the postal departmental to deliver postal matters like letters. Parcels mony order etc. To the addressees. In our daily life the postman is the most familiar figure. Everyday at a particular time he is seen passing thought the streets. He is the most eagerly waited person. Our heart swells with expectations when we are him approaching our doors. He brings news from our near and dear ones living in home and abroad. The postman renders invaluable service to us. He attends the office in time and performs his duties sincerely. If he fails to discharge his duties properly any day, it my cause irreparable loss to the persons concerned. In all weathers good and bad he performs his duty. The postman starts his work in the post office. He opens the mail bag and sorts the letters and other postal articles. He hands over the outgoing mail to the runner. Then he starts for his own round. But in the town the postman maintains an official air. He moves very fast from door to door and door and quality drops the letters into the letter boxes. If he finds a house without a letter box. He drops down the letters through the doors or windows.
In delivering registered parcels mony orders etc he calls the addressees. The service of the post man is of great important to us. But he is very much neglected. He is ill paid and can hardly makr both ends meet. He is not held in due respect proper steps should be taken so that he can maintain his family keeping his brain away from the fear of wants. He is a link all over the world.

The flood in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a low land. It has many rivers. She is also in the monsoon area. It rains heavily during the monsoon period. So floods are very common in our country. Almost every years flood visitor our country. It causes a heavy damage to our life and properties, houses are destroyed, cattle are washes away, crops are greatly damage and trees are uprooted. Thousands of people become homeless or shelterless. They remain without food for the flood of 1998 broke the records of the past. Never before did water. All communication was cut off. Normal activities were stopped for a long time. The miseries of the affected people knew no bounds. Crops were greatly damage. Herds of cattle were washed away. Thousands of people died. In a word the havoc was so great that it took long time to repair the loss. The after effect of blood is more serious. Famine breaks out. Many people die for want of food. The prices of all necessary things go up. Many dangerous diseases like cholera, typhoid and dysentery etc break out in an epidemic from. Floods do a little good to man. During floods our rivers carry a great deal of ailts which makes the land fertile. As a result many kinds of crops grow or plenty. Floods also carry away waste matters. During and after the flood the relief work should go on. Otherwise the miseries of the affected people will increase. During the blood government and some other voluntary organisations come forward to help the flood affected people. Proper steps should be taken to control floods. All the rivers should be reexcavated and good drainage system should be introduced. A large number of sluics and outlets should be made for the easy passing of rain water

Outdoor pastimes vs indoor pastimes

Pastimes contributes remarkably to the formation and development of everybody’s personality. It feeds our soul. Pastime is of two types outdoor and indoor. In fact, the type and nature of pastime depend on age and taste og a person. Specially young and adolescent people enjoy climbing trees, playing conkers, daisy chairs, making dens and feeding birds as outdoor pastimes. Little children specially girls enjoy playing puppets as indoor pastimes. Little boy enjoy playing with toys like motor cars, boats, origami etc. Young energetic and solvent people enjoy hiking, bird watching. Sight seeing, visiting historical place and meeting relatives. Aged people are usually fond of enjoying pastime at home. Of all popular indoor pastime watching television, reading books and gossipping are very common. In cities there are some nice clean parks. During holidays people usually go to visit those park in search of amusement. Of outdoor pastime bird watching is now becoming popular. Real enthusiasts go event to the remote areas to see their feathered friends. As the life is getting mechanical day by day. People intend of snake off their suffocation and pass some moment out of the din and bustle of everyday our life. So pastime, both outdoor and indoor, are becoming an inevitable part of our daily life


Responsibility means a duty or an obligation to do something. For example one has the responsibility of taking care of his parents in their old age, attending school and pursuing his studies properly and so on. He has also Responsibilities to his neighbour, to society and to the government. Again a responsibility means an obligation or a duty not to do something. He can not do any harmful act, crime or anything that causes inconvenience to others. Our government has many duties like fulfilling the basic needs of its citizens. The government has also the responsibilities to protect the fundamental right of its citizens. To discharge duties with skills and attitudes is good for oneself. For his family and friends, of his society and country as a whole.

Pohela Boisakh

‘Pohela Boisakh’ ‘ is the fast day of bangla new year. The day is public holiday. This day has a special significance for us as it is a part of Bangalee culture and tradition. People from all walks of life irrespective their ethnic identity or religious beliefs, celebrate the day with traditional festivities. On this day,the whole of Bangladesh is in a festive mood. The day inspires people to start life with renewed hopes and inspirations.
Every year the day is celebrated traditionally. People wake up early in tha morning, have a bath and wear traditional clothes. Women wear white sarees with red borders and adorn themselves with colourful churis and flowers, while men dress themselves in pajamas and punjabis. It is a day when people love eating traditional food.
One of the most colourful events of the day is held in Dhaka. Early in tha morning, people in hundreds and thousands pour in from all directions to attend the cultural function at Ramna Batamul organised by Chhayanaut. The cultural programme begins just at sunrise and the renowned artists of the country take part in tha programme that start with the famous Tagore-song Esho-he-Boishakh, Esho Esho………. Artists also sing traditional folk song, and perform classical dance to the rhythm of musical instruments.
People also come the join the colourful procession, the biggest carnival of the country, organised by the Fine Arts students of dhaka University. The procession usually displays the traditional practices of Bangalee culture. The masks and wreaths worn by the people are so fascinating! Often they symbolise contemporary worries or happiness in the national life. It attracts an increasing number of foreign tourists every year.
The day is also observed all over the country. Different social and cultural organizations and educational institutions celebrate the day with their own cultural programme.
On this day, newspapers bring out special supplements. There ar also special programme on the radio and television.
The celebration of pohela Baisakhi marks a day of cultural unity for the whole nation.

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